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We are addressing evolutionary and ecological questions in the lab and field. Our study questions cover: social evolution, conflict and cooperation, evolution of brood care, ageing, origin and conservation of biodiversity. Our questions include: behavioural-, chemical- and population ecology, population- and conservation genetics, socio-genomics and tropical ecology.


Lehre Study organisms


In our courses, students can learn a wide range of techniques from classical behavioural observations and field experiments to chemical analyses (gaschromtography-masspectrometry) and genetic/ genomics (microsatellites, sequencing, RNAi, NGS) tools.


Lehre Methods


Every second year we organize a field excursion to tropical West Africa. Dedicated students also can participate in one of our research projects in Australia or Africa. In addition, there are annual excursion to Illmitz (Neusiedlersee, Austria).

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