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Janine Schyra

Janine Schyra

University of Freiburg
Biology I, Evolution & Ecology

Hauptstraße 1, Room 1040
D-79104 Freiburg

Phone. ++49/761/203-2582










  • 06/2005
    high school diploma at the Johann-Conrad-Schlaun comprehensive school, Nordkirchen
  • 10/2006 - 09/2009
    2-subject bachelor program Biology/English at the University of Osnabrück
  • 04/2009 - 09/2009
    Bachelor thesis: „a comparison of the biodiversity of west and south African savannas“
    Supervior: Prof. Dr. Judith Korb, Universität Osnabrück
  • 10/2009 - 09/2011
    Master program Biology of Organisms at the University of Osnabrück
  • 01/2011 - 09/2011
    Master thesis: „Phylogenetic analysis of the community structure of southern African termites”
    Supervior: Prof. Dr. Judith Korb, Universität Osnabrück
  • since 10/2011
    Ph.D.: „Community ecology of West African savanna termites“
    Supervior: Prof. Dr. Judith Korb, Universität Osnabrück




The analysis of species community structure allows insights into the processes and mechanisms structuring communities to understand how species communities are assembled. Including phylogenetic data into the study of community ecology and diversity has made it possible to explore theories about the influence of historical and ecological factors in structuring communities.

My research focuses on the question how communities of termites are assembled in west African savannas and if these assemblies of species change over time. If this is the case the processes and mechanisms influencing this change shall be analysed.

Savanne Togo      Savanne Togo 2

Savannah in northern Togo, West Africa werre termites are sampled



  •  Morphometric identification
  • DNA isolation
  • PCR/Sequencing (Sanger-Method)
  • Phylogenetic analysis
  • Community structure analysis


Chromas Sequenz




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